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Chiropractic - A Healthy Alternative

Chiropractic – Your Healthy Alternative

Chiropractic Treatment in Oakville

Chiropractic care focuses on restoring and maintaining the health of your joints, muscles and nerves through the use of a gentle and precise adjustment. A spinal adjustment serves to restore normal joint movement, optimize alignment, relieve pain and stimulate higher functions of your brain and nervous system thereby resulting in a renewed sense of vitality.

Will the chiropractor give me a spinal adjustment on the first visit?
Whether the patient receives an adjustment on the first visit is left to the discretion of the examining chiropractor. It depends on the examination findings and the patient’s previous experience with chiropractic. There is always some form of treatment given if you are in severe pain.
Is chiropractic care covered by OHIP?
Chiropractic services are no longer covered under OHIP. However many extended health plans do cover all or a portion of chiropractic services. It is best to review your benefits plan to see what is covered in your policy. Should you not have any coverage for treatment, we do have affordable payment plans available which can be discussed confidentially with our patient coordinator. Do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation to discuss your needs.
What is the “cracking” noise I hear during an adjustment?
When a chiropractor performs a manual adjustment or physically moves a bone, a pressure difference is created within the synovial joint. Gases released cause an audible ‘click’ sound to be heard. Similar to the sound made when ‘cracking’ your knuckles, the bones themselves are not breaking or cracking!
Will I need X-rays?
Most chiropractors do recommend specific X-rays to be taken so that the actual bones and related structures can be visualized. X-rays can help confirm the diagnosis and can also rule out possible factors that may delay or interfere with optimal correction.
Do Chiropractors do massage therapy?
No. Chiropractors may do some soft tissue work (Active Release, Myofasical Trigger Point therapy, Graston) on tight muscles but their main focus is how dysfunction in the spine and peripheral joints affect the nervous system. At Oakville Injury and Pain Relief our Chiropractors work closely with our on-site registered massage therapists (RMT) in order to provide you will a multi-professional approach to your care while at our Chiropractic and Laser Therapy Center.
Does a Chiropractic adjustment hurt?
In the majority of cases: NO. However, there may be some presenting conditions where injury and swelling has affected joint function and is in pain already. Every movement that the patient attempts already produces pain or discomfort, so when a Chiropractic adjustment is given there may be some short-term discomfort experienced. The adjustment imparts the proper movement and alignment so that the interference to normal nerve transmission is established, which allows the innate healing ability of the body to work optimally.
The overall effect though, is to help you feel more relaxed and pain free!
Do I need a prescription or a referral from my medical doctor in order to see a chiropractor?
No referral or prescription is necessary. Doctors of Chiropractic are primary contact physicians and work hand in hand with progressive thinking medical doctors and specialists. Since Chiropractic is a drugless, healing profession, we do not prescribe drugs or medications either. We do, however, carry health products such as vitamins and mineral supplements. Every Ontario resident is entitled to Chiropractic care without a medical prescription.
How long will I need chiropractic care?
The length of time you are under chiropractic care varies among individuals. After the completion of your physical assessment and analysis of any X-ray study taken, your diagnosis and Treatment Plan will be discussed with you during your Report of Findings (usually on your second visit). After you have found relief from your problem during the initial phase of treatment, however long you choose to benefit from continued Chiropractic care is always your decision. Most practice members find that their on-going and periodic Chiropractic checkups help keep them in tip-top shape. Those who are active, have stressful jobs, or understand the benefits of preventative or maintenance care choose to continue with their adjustments to be pro-active with their natural health care program throughout life.
I am a very busy person, what is my time commitment to see the Chiropractor?
Unlike a medical or dental office visit, your visit to our Oakville Chiropractic office is brief in comparison. The first visit lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. This allows time for the history taking and Chiropractic examination. Each subsequent visit is somewhat condition specific and dependent on what procedures are performed can take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes.
Will the Chiropractor recommend exercises for me?
Stabilizing the injured area by improving flexibility and strengthening the supporting muscular is the optimal approach to prevent a relapse of pain or dysfunction. As your Chiropractor I will recommend alternatives to care, exercises and changes to your present lifestyle throughout your care plan to target key time windows in your rehabilitation.
What are my treatment options?
At Oakville Injury and Pain Relief Center we offer a number of case-specific treatment options but do allow you the choice of a range of safe and effective Chiropractic approaches.  There are a number of Chiropractic techniques that Dr Grolmus is specially trained to perform that are effective toward a great number of conditions and pain syndromes.
Thompson Terminal Point Technique – with the assistance of a high-tech Chiropractic drop table, specific low-force adjustments are performed on the spine and extremities in order to balance two key areas of nerve disturbance (upper neck and pelvis). With repeated gentle impulse adjustments, the table cushion gently drops and thereby transfers any forces through the table so that the patient remains relaxed and balanced.
The Activator Technique –  is a specific chiropractic adjusting technique involving a low-force adjusting instrument (aka the ‘clicker’). It works on the principle of balancing leg-lengths and neuro-reflexes. By restoring motion and nerve patterns to the key subluxated (restricted) joints in the body, the Activator adjustment decreases neurological stress, increases joint range-of-motion and decreases pain.
Cold Laser Therapy – low level laser light is beamed into the body tissue around an injured or painful area. The light energy absorbed by the tissue stimulates and energizes the body’s natural cellular pathways reducing pain and inflammation. This safe and painless therapy is approved by Health Canada and has been successfully used on a variety of soft tissue injuries. Many elite and professional athletes receive laser treatment after a strain or sprain injury to quickly get back to the competition.
At Oakville Injury and Pain Relief Center we are committed to patient education. In numerous studies, patients who fully understand their condition and their doctor’s recommendations, get well faster!
Find out ways you can speed your recovery and enhance the healing process. Join the many thousands of Oakville (and surrounding community) residents who enjoy better health through safe and effective Chiropractic care.


Chiropractic: It's Your Natural Choice!

Chiropractic: It’s Your Natural Choice!


Oakville Chiropractor, Dr Richard Grolmus shares a valuable link to explain everything Chiropractic to you so that you can feel confident in your selection to receive chiropractic and related services at Oakville Injury and Pain Relief Clinic.  Here is the link for:  Chiropractic Information

Our Oakville Chiropractic office works primarily on the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC). This is a common condition of the spine, however it is far from ‘normal’. Many people have long standing VSC and express no obvious symptoms while others have the symptoms of VSC which include: Headache, Dizziness and Visual Disturbances, Neck Pain, Arm-hand Numbness and Tingling, Joint Pain (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, elbow), Upper and Lower Back Pain, Radiations of Tingling and Numbness into the Legs, Fatigue, Depressed Immune Function, Stomach Disturbances, Sleep Disorders … etc.

Essentially any sign or symptom that relates to a disruption of vital nerve impulses can be caused by VSC. This is why EVERYONE should be checked by a Chiropractor to ensure that their spine is functioning optimally and in association, a optimally functioning nervous system.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art of things natural;

     a system of adjusting the spine,

          for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.

A central premise of chiropractic is that vertebral misalignments or malfunctions occur in the spine and can produce interferences in the function of the nerve system which have remarkable and far-reaching effects by impairing the individual’s health and performance. These misalignments are referred to in chiropractic as subluxations, and are corrected with spinal adjustments administered by Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.’s).

Your nerve system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you interfere with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100% of their innate abilities. In other words, some part of your body will not be working properly

It is the responsibility of the Doctor of Chiropractic to locate subluxations, and reduce or correct them. This is done through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.

Beyond the back

Many people think that chiropractic is only for your back. This misconception is easily understood. After all, chiropractors do work primarily on your back. However, Chiropractic is about having an healthy spine and nerve system, allowing your body to be as healthy as possible.

Your body is controlled by three distinct nerve systems – the central nerve system, peripheral nerve system and autonomic nerve system (which is further divided into the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve system). All 3 parts of the nerve system must be balanced so that they can operate in unity and create a truly healthy body.

Your Spine is Your Life-line!

Lack of proper motion or alignment of the bones of your spine (vertebrae)  results in the locking or fixation of spinal joints.  The delicate nerves exiting the spinal canal become irritated and the optimal transmission of nerve messages and life energy is diminished  (Vertebral Subluxation). This serious problem leads to exaggerated activity of the nerve, resulting in muscular tension, postural asymmetries, and limited and painful motion. Other problems include chronic hyperactivity of the sympathetic nerve system can result in a variety of conditions, syndromes, pain, dysfunction and ill health.

Chiropractic is GREAT for low back pain … but

Did you know it also ‘works’ great for many ‘non-back’ problems such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, gall bladder problems, heart problems, asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other lung problems.

These charts illustrate the connection between the spine, nerve system and all the organs of the body.

The Nervous System Is Your Master Control System!



Only Chiropractors are educated and specially trained to detect and correct Vertebral Subluxation!

Your medical doctor is unfamiliar with and cannot identify this serious problem.  It’s not what they were told about in their many years of high level, medical education. That is the very reason why many end-of-the-line patients enter my Chiropractic office. They have been told to “live with their problem” or that there is nothing more that can be medically done for them.  Please understand that no matter what condition or health issue you suffer with, it is always a wise decision to have your spine and nervous system assessed by a qualified Chiropractor. It could be the solution that can end your suffering!