Back-To-School Back Pain?

It’s Back-To-School Time … already!

With the kids now requiring to carry half a library on their backs everyday, it’s no wonder more children are complaining of back pain, headaches and neck pains. That leads parents to the question

Does Your Child Have a Bad Back?


Carrying a backpack that’s overly packed can cause strain on your child’s spine
Natural health care, including chiropractic care, isn’t just for adults! In fact, using natural healing techniques for children is every bit as beneficial for them as it is for their parents. Nevertheless, the idea that children, even newborns, would see a chiropractor to get adjusted is a stretch for some.
Why would a parent bring them in?
How would a child benefit?
What would prompt the need for chiropractic care?
Here are a few reasons:
  • Birth trauma. Even so-called natural childbirth methods can take a toll on a baby’s spine. Cesarean Section can be even more so.
  • Colic. Lacking the ability to explain their discomfort, babies cry. And cry! Many experience extraordinary relief with chiropractic care.
  • Ear infections. Mechanical tension in the upper spine can compromise the inner ear and eustachian tubes, becoming fertile ground for infection.

Gentle, Effective Care

Children seem to enjoy their adjustments. Besides requiring a lighter touch than the ones you receive, most infants respond quickly. They rarely have the build up of scar tissue that we often see in adults with long-standing problems.
Do you know a child that could benefit from today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Resolving these problems early can avoid problems later on.
If you’re wondering what else you can do for your body naturally and without drugs, ask us at your next appointment or if it has it been a while since your last visit …
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