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Your Oakville Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Grolmus, is excited to introduce you to a gentle and effective approach to health … Chiropractic.

The primary goal is to provide you with the highest standard of care possible, so that you can not only achieve pain relief but also gain the informed choice to attain and maintain optimal health potential.

Our Oakville Chiropractic office primarily focuses its attention on: Vertebral Subluxation. This irregular condition of the spine can most simply be explained as a vertebra that is out of alignment with the vertebrae above and below (and/or abnormal movement mechanics of the vertebral segment). The result is nerve pressure and interference of the mental impulse/brain communication/transmission to the tissue cells (skin, muscle, and organs).

To have us better acquaint ourselves, please spend a little time reading the following:

“I just wish I had known then what I know now…”  – Dr. Richard Grolmus, B.P.E., D.C.  

My decision to become a chiropractor resulted from the seemingly ‘miraculous’ results I received after my first experience with a Chiropractic adjustment.  I had been playing in a football game and my neck was badly injured as a result of a blind-sided hit/tackle. Our team trainer suggested a specialist that, at the time, I knew little about … a ‘Chiropractor’. I was very skeptical at first but with the encouragement from family members who had received good results from Chiropractic care, I decided to give it a try. After only 5 daily visits with my new Chiropractor, I was pain-free and ready to get back in the game!  I decided right then that this was the kind of thing I could see myself doing … helping others return to good health and continue to compete at a high level … I wanted to be the ‘go-to’ player on the Chiropractic Team!

After receiving a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of Calgary, which included all the pre-requisite course qualifications and grade scores necessary for acceptance into the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (in Toronto), I was off to the Big City. The four years of study and my subsequent graduation as a duly qualified Doctor of Chiropractic were very exciting, challenging and life changing.  I had entered college with one, albeit limited, perspective of what Chiropractic was and exited with an enriched view of an alternate way to obtain true health by adhering to the ‘Chiropractic Lifestyle’.

I have assisted toward relieving pain and suffering while improving the health of family members through Chiropractic care in the Oakville (and neighbouring communities) for 25 years by adhering to a unique approach for each practice member. My philosophy is that the personal expectations, goals and specific health concerns of the practice member determines the clinical and treatment protocol utilized. Each member tends to have their own individual outcome objective. I provide them with my diagnostic expertise, a clear and concise explanation of their health concern and give my optimal recommendations and an estimated timeline toward getting the results they desire.

By honoring their own personal decision, whether they choose short-term relief care or whether their decision is making a lifelong commitment to regular, on-going wellness care — the choice is theirs to make.  I provide the facts and they decide how long they choose to benefit from the care that they will receive.  In this way the practice member becomes enrolled in their own healing process.  With their acceptance of a treatment approach that makes sense to them, they choose to follow recommended schedules of care which then allows the best opportunity to more rapidly achieve their health goals.  Experiencing positive results in the shortest period of time empowers the practice member to confidently share and refer others to our office, so that they too can experience the many benefits of Chiropractic.

One of the keys to good health is to make every attempt to reduce the negative effect of stress on the mind and body.  When stress is mentioned many think of emotional stressors (work or home pressures, loss of loved one, daily schedules and deadlines, etc) and/or physical stressors (poor posture, incorrect lifting techniques, repetitive strains, etc).  An equally important type of stress which fails to be recognized is chemical stress (medications/drugs, vaccination, smoking and alcohol).  The conscious focus of eliminating all unnecessary toxic chemical influences to support the bodies innate healing abilities is an important and on-going discipline that each practice member must endeavour to adhere to.I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I will get the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss how we can, together, find a solution to your specific health challenge.

“We are a referral oriented One-Stop natural health center for the patient in crisis (pain-relief), or those wellness minded individuals and their family members (on-going care programs to maintain the structural balance and optimize nervous system function).  We serve those who are interested in relief care and also those who are open to the benefits of wellness Chiropractic care in improving their overall health and well-being, preventing future health problems, and living an active and vibrant life.  Unlike other offices, we strive to focus on an individual’s health potential as opposed to merely treating their symptoms.  

We will provide a positive and unique experience and invite our practice members to participate in this important and noble cause. We intend to help people who are in pain or health-challenged to get well naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.  We also intend to help healthy people stay well. We empower the lives of individuals with our unique whole body-approach to Chiropractic … Enter Our Office and Get Well”

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